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Wash and Fold

Item Price
WF: all® Free and Clear $1.39 Add
WF: Driver Tip @ $1.00 $1.00 Add
WF: Attendant Tip @ $1.00 $1.00 Add
WF: Tide® $1.49 Add
WF: all® Stainlifter $1.49 Add
WF: Seventh Generation $1.39 Add
WF: Woolite® Delicates $1.49 Add
WF: Borax and Vinegar $1.49 Add
WF: Arm Ham Sensitive Skin $1.39 Add
WF: Comm Odor Neutralizer $1.59 Add
WF: Cust Own Detergent $1.29 Add
WF: Wash Separated by Person $3.95 Add
WF: Bleach Whites/Colors $3.95 Add
WF: Comm Stain Treatment $1.59 Add
WF: Heavy Soiled Treatment $9.95 Add
WF: Comforters $TBD Add
WF: Hanging and Air Drying Labor $0.50 Add
WF: 5K Upenn Vet Tote $19.80 Add
Blanket or Duvet $12.00 Add
Small Throw Blanket $6.00 Add
Small Throw Rug $3.00 Add
Small Throw Pillow $3.00 Add
Long Carpet Runner $5.00 Add
Mattress Pad $12.00 Add
Bathroom Rug $5.00 Add
Pillow $5.00 Add
5 x 8 Area Rug $85.00 Add
Sleeping Bag $16.00 Add
Sneakers $7.00 Add
Car Cover $12.00 Add
Camp Linens $25.00 Add
Event Linens $25.00 Add
Stairs over 2 flights ea, pickup $2.50 Add
Stairs over 2 flights ea, dropoff $2.50 Add
RefigiWear Jacket $5.50 Add
RefigiWear Coveralls $5.00 Add
RefigiWear Vest $1.80 Add
WF: Hotel Sheets $1.25 Add
CSI Table Linens $TBD Add
CSI Bedding/Clothes $TBD Add

Wash Dry Fold [Extras]

Item Price
OxiClean™ Soak $3.95 Add
Additional Laundry Bag $6.95 Add
Commercial Odor Neutralizer per order $3.95 Add

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